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Please email us with any questions not addressed on this page. pete@urbanplastix.com


Q:  Does it take longer to get my holds if I choose color?

A: Yes if you choose your color the lead time is 30 days.  The reason for this is that our holds are produced in a factory that produces many other holds related products and it take time to switch the color being made. 


Q: Do you ship international?

A: We do ship international except for Japan.  In Japan contact sales@pump-climbing.com


Q: If I order and don't choose color what color do I get?

A: If you don't choose a color one of the offered colors will be randomly selected. 

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Black


Q: What shipping company does Urban Plastix use?

A: We use mostly UPS, but is you desire a different shipper just email pete@ubranplastix.com after you place your order and specify your desired shipper.


Q: How can I tell how big the holds are?

A: The metro card in each photo is the same size as a credit card.


Q: What is the typical wait for an order to ship?

A: Most website order will ship in 6-10 business days.  If color is specified you will be emailed and a time frame given.  This is usually 10-15 business days.


Q: Can I pay by check?

 A:  You can pay by check.  At checkout choose the payment option "check".  You will receive an email shortly after you order confirming your order.  CC is preferred for smaller orders


Q:  How long does it take an order to ship?

A: This depends on the size of course but most orders are made to order so most orders under 20 sets take 2 weeks to ship.  Small order, 1-5 sets should ship within a couple days.


Q: How long does a color specific order take to ship?

A:  Since all color specific orders are made to order the lead time is usually 30 days.  This does vary.  Smaller orders of this nature will ship quicker.


Q: How do I set up an account?

A: There are two ways to set up an account.  1st you can make a purchase and create an account at checkout. And 2nd email your info, name, shipping address, and gym you buy for if you do, to pete@urbanplastix.com.  Once your account is approved you will receive and email with a link to activate the account.


Q: How does your loyalty program work?

A: Our loyalty program is based on number of orders.  Once you place an order you will get 5% on all future orders.  The percentage goes up two more times.  Once to 7% after your 3rd order and then to 10% after your 5th order.



There will be more FAQ's coming soon...





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