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Shaping UP for spring with new partnerships!

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Hello again everyone from Urban Plastix, this weeks post is a double feature!


Urban Plastix is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Climbing Hold Review. In case you were not aware of them, they are the premiere website for all things climbing hold related. Jeremy Dowsett the owner of the website lives by the moto “Unbiased, Unabridged, Unrivaled” allowing them to provide an honest no filter review of holds they receive. Jeremy who is originally from the U.K., however the veteran climber currently makes his home in Canada. For the past 23 years Jeremy has been climbing, as well as teaching for the past 5 years. His passion for climbing has brought him all over the world! To date he has been to Fontainebleau, The South of France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and all over the U.S. In addition to all of this he is a rep for several hold companies in Canada. We are extremely excited for our new partnership with Climbing Hold Review, and having Jeremy as our new Canada representative! If you want to get in contact with Jeremy for any reason his contact information is as follows.

Jeremy Dowsett: (514) 803-3923 / noodlesthemonkeyboy@gmail.com

Our last newsletter we focused on giving you a background of Urban Plastix. Who we are as a company, and where Peter Juhl head shaper for Urban Plastix draws his inspiration from. In this newsletter Peter was gracious enough to provide us with some behind the scene photos. In these photos we are provided with shots early in the hold making process. Peter starts with large blocks of foam, where he uses his geniuses to bring the shapes of UP to life.

Here we see the shapes close to the final form,  they just need some minor touch ups. After that they are ready to be sent to the factory to be made into a mold. Urban Plastix would like to thank you for reading, and allowing us to show what happens behind the scene. 

Thanks for reading!


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