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When its to cold to climb, we snowboard

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 So I know it is now hot out and almost summer, but this winter we here at Urban Plastix went on a VT mini vacation.  We recieved huge help from Gm Northeast with a vehicle to get there.  Heres a little blurb about our journey.

January 26 we headed for Stowe, VT in an Escalade loaned to us by GM northeast.  The weather had been so cold that climbing outside was not an option.  Taking the urban flavor to VT was the mission and the Escalade was the best possible vehicle to do so.  On the drive form NYC to VT one option equipped on the Escalade was of the utmost importance, heated seats.  It was cold outside, single digits in VT.  As our journey to VT ended we pulled up the Ye Old England Inn, a quaint little Inn in Stowe , VT right at the intersection of Route 100 and Route 108.  As we settled in we realized that many layers would be needed to hit the mountain the next day as it was -9 degrees outside according to the thermometer in the car.  Vermont has a kind of quiet appeal.  As you settle in to being there you feel almost forced to relax and take it easy, which not to normal coming from Brooklyn. 


As we awoke in the morning we saw a small dusting of snow on the car a we felt a bone chilling morning cold.  As we drove to the mountain and the sun rose in the sky you could feel the temps warming up.  We went and got our lift tickets and hit the slopes.  Stowe has to be the best ski/snowboard resort on the east coast.  Having a gondola was very ideal for the cold weather as it is warm for the ride to the top.   A beer for lunch and then back out to the slopes.  The day of riding ended around 4 as the sun started to set we drove back to town to get dinner.  Surprise we found some amazing pizza at Piecasso in the town of Stowe.  


Bridge over Lake Champlain on the way back to Brooklyn

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