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The best part about running a climbing hold brand is coming up with new ideas for climbing holds. Trying to take a shape or texture and make it functional as well as a great design.  Form and function is always the goal, one with out the other just does not fit the idenity that we are going for at Urban Plastix.  Here at Urban Plastix as much time as possible is devoted to the search for new and different ideas.  Our environment  give us a slightly different take on the indoor climbing hold.  

 Most shapers that are out there would use nature or what is around them in a normal climbing atmosphere.  We have the concrete jungle in front of us as our muse and inspiration. This changes our perspective on the inspiration we take in daily by living in the city.  When roaming the city we see man made things, we see some natural things, and we see natural things controlled by man made things.  The inspiration for UP comes from a functional interpretation of the shapes and textures in our environment.

 Tremor pinch laying low on the streets!
We strive to use and incorporate many ideas in our holds, using these core values helped us come up with shapes you would not ordinarily see in many of the traditional holds,  Our ultimate goal is for everyone out there find enjoyment and variety in the indoor climbing experience, while keeping the experience comfortable.  Our look at indoor climbing aims to inspire people to want to climb by attempting to help, along with climbing gyms, to create new amazing environments to train, climb, and have fun in.  Nature is artistic by itself, we just want to bring a little art indoors.
 Real Steel pinches guiding you to the turning lane


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  • Geof

    Maybe some Subway inspiration? Tiles slopers? I love the corners! subway rail holds(pretty basic but sections?


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