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Update Brass Knuckle Hangboard Available!

Posted on March 14, 2013 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 2 comments

I wrote an earlier blog post about an idea a friend had given me, to make a hangboard in the shape of Brass Knuckles. I am excited to announce that the hangboard's are now completed. They are available for purchase in the following colors of red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and black. 


2nd stage of shaping the foam with the screw holes laid out.


 The finished product in black and blue!

Yellow Brass Knuckle Hangboard over the door of the Urban Plastix shaping room!

I'm super amped on how the final product came out, and I'm sure you will be also!

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  • Jordan

    Is the brass knuckles shaped with 4 lb foam?

  • jeff

    How do I order one in black? I only see yellow available?



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