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New Holds for the New Year

Posted on January 09, 2013 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 2 comments

  As 2013 begins, at UP new holds are coming to life.  Our urban line has been very popular as we grow as a brand.  Designing holds that are suppose to look like something else has it challenges especially when you want to hold to be just as usable as a hold designed only for use.  Striking a balance between what your inspiration is and what a good climbing hold is, is the real challenge.  Our 1st set of holds in the urban line the Big Brick Slopers where created out of a desire to climb brick walls in the city.  As most walls are brick looking for further literal inspiration in the city was going to take a little more creative license.  UP is based on the city and why the city make us who we are.  We love the outdoors but we also have a serious love for the fast paced, culture filled Brooklyn.  As new shapes roll out we want to try to improve on what we think we can and come up with new ideas not seen before in the climbing holds market.

The new set "Real Steel" was inspired by the rampant steel construction we all see in the big city.  Taking lines from what we see in the real world while creating comfortable lines and angles to climb on, is what we focus on to try to come up with something new.




The goal with "Real Steel" was to get an i-beam look with a more difficult friendly hold surface than the real thing would be.

Another way we look at our urban line like our "Big Brick Slopers" is to use textures seen in the city to embellish the hold surface of the holds.  The "Tile Ledge" was born out the crazy amount to the city that is tiled.  Tunnels, bathroom, entire restaurants, etc.  The "Tile Ledge" is much more of a quintessential climbing hold shape, but with our brand of urban flare added to it.




 Please keep checking the blog for more urban design holds and looks into our adventures as we travel and grow as a brand.  We hope that we can continue to bring our brand of climbing holds and style to the climbing world.  

As always thanks to everyone that has help and will help in this process.

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  • Ian Powell

    i just looked at everything you have . I was gonna tell you how much I love a few things but I think Ya’ll are too good already and you don’t need any help from me . I really look forward to meeting you sometime . great work

  • Ian Powell

    I’m impressed . your lines are tight . somebody can Fkn shape . the tile is beautiful .
    Competition is key and Ya’ll are pushin it
    Well done – Ian


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