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Brass Knuckle Hangboard

Posted on September 09, 2012 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 5 comments

So a friend gave me the idea to make a hangboard that looks like brass knuckles.  The process was like making any other hangboard except I was taking an already existing item and giving it a new use by making it much bigger than original.

 I started with a squared off piece of foam and a template I made to trace the design out.


Then I cut out the basic shape.  And get to a very squared off piece that starts to look like the finished product.


 Once the foam is cut out.  The real shaping begins.  Smoothing, contouring and making the hold ergonomic takes the most amount of time.  


1st stage of shaping


2nd stage of shaping with screw holes laid out.  From here getting the ergonomics of the outside circle was the majority of the work.  I wanted this board to not only be cool looking.


The final stage gets the rest of the screw holes as well as the entire shape got thinner overall. The top center of the board is a nice sloper. The outer circle are 4 finger edges, while the middle are 3 finger edges.  The top of the outer circles are big flat juggy edges and the center hole is a similar juggy edge.  

I am super amped on how this came out and can't wait to see what it looks like in plastic mounted to a wall.

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  • Christophe Lemmens


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  • Kris

    Looks great! When will it be available??? Would love to see this up at my gym as well.

  • Sean Hollick

    I would like to see that in my climbing gym!

  • Diane

    This is awesome, Pete!!

  • Aaron

    This looks wild! Very cool idea. I also like that it incorporates pinches inbetween the circles. I would be psyched to see that board on a wall!


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