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The Hangboard is Coming

Posted on February 24, 2012 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 0 comments

 So after a couple failures we have successfully shaped our 1st hangboard.  The difficulty the surrounds making a hangboard by hand daunting.  Having tried to do it twice and not being pleased with the results, we went back the the drawing board literally and sketched up an idea the was 1 different and 2 felt very achievable to make perfectly symmetrical.  

Thinking of a design we wanted to make a hangboard for "everybody".  The design is made to be great for beginner climbers while providing new and different approach to the conventional hangboard for the more experienced climber.  For more experienced climber looking just for training, the huge jug on the top center of the board is great for warming up large muscle groups especially for home gyms where all terrain may be more advanced.  Most hangboard seem to be geared toward 1 group or the other (which is a fine way to think of it).  Our goal was to appeal to all and think of comfortable training over painful, as in larger more comfortable holds.  Our feeling was that most boards are difficult to use as a beginner or even intermediate climber and there should be a large comfortable board for the masses. 


So here it is.  When we finish molding we will update the masses.  Stay tuned, it will be soon.

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