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Posted on October 25, 2011 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings) | 2 comments

Here we are at the beginning. UP has been in the works for 2 years. Many miss steps and many big victories have brought us to this place. Being that we are based in Brooklyn our inspiration is drawn from our urban environment. The urban theme has grown out of our love of climbing along with our undying love for the city. Not just bricks and actual urban scenery, but all the art and culture that are part of our city play into the inspiration that help to create the shapes we hope will breathe a new life into the indoor climbing scene.

The Big Brick Sloper in foam

Creating new shapes inspired directly by the city is one of our goals but we also take from our travels and experiences.


The Full Service. Inspired by the climb of the same name at one of my favorite climbing destination Hueco Tanks.

Moving forward we hope to bring a new style to the climbing hold industry and push ourselves and everybody else to evolve the entire industry.

Cheers from

Peter Juhl

Shaper and Co-owner at Urban Plastix



  • Guilhermido

    sounds like a nice trip. i was just down there last weekend and went to jaokscn, the roost, and the holies. a road on the way to the holies had a name change recently too.. i dont know what theyre doin down there!

  • Justin

    Urban Plastic…liking the new shapes! I am interested to see how your daily surroundings in the city influence your different shapes and styles. The brick slopers look pretty rad. I am also from NY but just outside of the southern portion of the Adirondack Park. I have been shaping holds for climbing hold companies for the past year or so, so if there is any interest in additional shapers, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks!


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