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Interview with Urban Plastix's Peter Juhl

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Hello everyone from Urban Plastix!


We are excited to have Urban Plastix's head shaper/Co Owner Peter Juhl, take time out of his busy schedule to sit down and have a chat with us. We asked him a wide range of topics that our fans have been wanting to know more about, the genius of Urban Plastix. Our questions will have our abbreviation in red, and Peter's responses will have his initial's in black.


UP: How Did you come up with the name for Urban Plastix?

PJ: The name Urban Plastix came out of a weekend spent with my business partners, involving lots of brain storming. The urban idea was always going to be part of it. When the name was finally decided on some of the more urban designed holds were already molded.

UP: When you look for inspiration for new shapes for the line, how do you determine what goes from idea to shape?

PJ: Inspiration for me comes from everywhere, I see textures or curves and I get an idea. My main determining factor for what ideas make it into a shape, is if it works well with my ideas of a comfortable hold. 

UP: How long does it usually take you to go from idea to foam shape?

PJ: It really all depends on the design and the size. Sometimes i will make an entire 5 hold set in 20 minutes, other ties it will take hours.

UP: Would you consider having fan feedback to select a special shape for the line?

PJ: I would love to have some sort of consumer involved shape added to the line. Maybe have a shaping class in Brooklyn on how to shape climbing holds.

UP: Do you plan on expanding the Urban Plastix line with branded items, such as t-shirts etc.?

PJ: We will have more t-hirts soon, and more products are in the planning process to be released eventually. We really want to have everything more refined before we add more items to the collection.

UP: How did you grow Urban Plastix fro an idea, into the successful hold company it is currently?

PJ: The process was not an easy journey it involved a lot of money, time, sweat, and emails. it has been a battle in this industry but it is an amazing job to have. shaping is what I love to do, and I am lucky enough to do it. Seeing my ideas come to life makes it all worth it.

UP: You are a climber yourself, do you feel that gives you better insight when creating holds for the Urban Plastix line?

PJ: Being a climber is very important, it is my connection with the foam. We as shapers are trying to create whats in our head, but you need to be able to climb on it, and for it to be comfortable.

UP: WHen you get ready to climb, do you have any special routines you do to get in the zone?

PJ: A little stretching and music, them I just try to keep my mind clear.


Urban Plastix would like to thank Peter Juhl for stopping by, taking time out of his busy schedule and chatting with us. We were able to get some of your questions answered, and provide a more in depth look at the inner workings of Urban Plastix!

If you would like to connect with Peter directly his contact information is below!

Peter Juhl:

email: pete@urbanplastix.com

cell: 845-537-0533

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Evolution from foam to shape!

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 Hello everyone from Urban Plastix!

This edition of the blog we are going to show you how our head shaper Peter Juhl, goes about creating the awesome designs for our line. Previously we have shown you how a piece of foam looks before it is made into a mold. We are going to go into more detail with a step by step picture transformation. Urban Plastix would like to take this time to thank Pete for all his hard work, without him UP wouldn't have the success that we have!






Thanks for viewing everyone!

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Post CWA

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Hello everyone,

It has been nearly two weeks since the end of the Climbing Wall Association conference, our head shaper Peter Juhl was in attendance representing Urban Plastix. While at the conference Pete had the opportunity to meet and connect with plenty of interesting people. Some were familiar faces, while others were newly formed friendships. While he was at the CWA Pete was given the task of brand ambassador, with no additional help. As you could imagine this was no small task to undertake by yourself, standing up for 12 hours with no one to cover you for breaks. So Urban Plastix would like to take a moment and give him a big shout out for holding it down.

In case you were not able to attend the CWA conference this year, here are some pics of our awesome booth.

Presently at Urban Plastix we are looking to expand our line, so we recently purchased a huge piece of foam. Once again we have called on Pete and his genius to create and bring you even more awesome shapes and holds. When he is in the zone it is truly amazing to see him transform a foam block, into the holds final shape.

 We would also like to remind everyone that our fan loyalty sweepstakes is still active, so make sure you enter for your chance to win.


Thanks for reading!

Urban Plastix

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Urban Plastix fan loyalty sweepstakes, and CWA arrival

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Hello from Urban Plastix,

This edition of the newsletter we are going to focus on our first ever sweepstakes for our social media fans and the upcoming CWA show where head shaper Pete Juhl will be representing Urban Plastix. Last but not least we’ll be reflecting on the year so far as we approach the month of June.

The Sweepstakes

Urban Plastix has seen an increasing amount of support from our social media community, and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support. Without your support none of this would be possible. To celebrate our Facebook page-reaching 1,000 “likes” we are holding a sweepstakes. The sweepstakes is our way of saying thank you to everyone who has supported us. It is free to enter for anyone age 18 and over, all you have to do to be eligible to enter is “like” our Facebook page. For more detailed rules and guidelines visit the sweepstakes section on our fan page. The sweepstakes starts on May 24th and runs through June 30th. 1 grand prize winner will win a Brass Knuckle Hangboard!

Reflection on a year almost half done!

As we approach the end of the month of May, the Urban Plastix team has been reflecting on the year. This year has been good for us as we continue to build our brand and identity. It is our goal to establish ourselves as the premier hold manufacturing company and we cannot accomplish this without you.  We continue to expand our hold line with head shaper Pete Juhl, pushing out new holds monthly. He works relentlessly to bring new and innovative designs to the Urban Plastix line.

CWA is here!


(Head shaper Pete Juhl)

Well the time is finally here, the Climbing World Association trade show is upon us! Our last newsletter focused heavily on Urban Plastix as we prepared for the trade show. Pete is leaving for the trade show this coming Monday. It has been a long and hard month prepping for the show, but it is all worth it! We had some sick custom made banners for our booth done by a friend of ours. The quality of the banners is really impressive, we are really happy with the way it turned out. Our lookbook was also recently redesigned. A big shout out to our graphic designer Lauren, she’s invested a lot of time into the redesign of it and it looks amazing. For the show we will have the lookbook on Ipads for display, so make sure you stop by the booth for a look. Urban Plastix will also be giving away some goodies, so make sure you stop by and visit Pete at our booth. You’ll be able to talk to him about anything and everything Urban Plastix.

Thanks everyone!

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CWA here we come!

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Hello everyone from Urban Plastix,

In this edition of the newsletter we will be focusing on the upcoming CWA (climbing wall association) conference. That is being held in Boulder Colorado, during the days of May 30th - May 1st. Here at Urban Plastix we are excited to announce that we will be attending the show this year as an exhibitor. Head shaper for Urban Plastix Peter Juhl has been hard at work assembling our booth for the event. Here we see holds from the “Real Steel” series being mounted. for display at our exhibitor’s booth.

Peter was gracious enough to let us shadow him while he prepares to get everything ready for the event. Pete will be representing us at our booth, where we will have a few holds from our line on display. The Urban Plastix team has also been hard at work finishing our redesigned look book to present for the event, now with 30% more awesomeness!

At the booth you will be able to see and touch the holds to give you a better idea of the texture and design. This will give you the opportunity to see the high end craftsmanship that goes into our line. We use only the highest grade of plastic for our holds.
People who are attending will also be able to talk with Peter about anything and everything Urban Plastix related. Such as where he draws his inspirations for the line from, how does he go from thought to final design. Our customers satisfaction is our highest concern, we appreciate your continued support!

Urban Plastix will also be giving away a few freebies, so make sure you stop by the booth and visit Pete.

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