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Who We Are

Urban Plastix (UP) is based in Brooklyn, New York. We are a climber-owned company bringing the next level of passion to your indoor climbing experience. Being in the big city, inspiration comes in a slew of different forms for the typical climber. Our head shaper, Peter Juhl, lives here in Brooklyn and draws his inspiration from the art and culture that the magnificent city has to offer. Urban Plastix has been working behind the scenes for 2 years before presenting our holds to the public. This extended period of time has given us the chance to completely refine our line and make it the best it can possibly be for you. We hope to inspire you and grow the sport of climbing through the art and culture that drives us all to be better and keep moving UP. If you have any comments or concerns, and would like to get in contact with UP. You may do so using the following contact information.

Peter Juhl:


email: pete@urbanplastix.com

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